General Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contract

Scope of Application

Article 1.

  1. The Accommodation Contract and related contracts to be concluded by our hotel shall be subject to the terms and conditions contained herein. Any matter not stipulated in this contract shall be governed by laws and regulations or generally established practice.
  2. Notwithstanding the above, the hotel may agree to conclude a special contract to the extent it does not conflict with the terms of this contract, laws and regulations, or generally accepted practice.

Application for Accommodation Contract

Article 2.

Guests who intend to apply to our hotel for an accommodation contract will be required to provide the hotel with the following particulars:

  1. (1) Name(s), gender(s), and address(es) of the guest(s);
  2. (2) Date of accommodation and estimated time of arrival;
  3. (3) Accommodation fees (including accommodation tax for staying at a hotel in Tokyo);
  4. (4) Other details deemed necessary by the hotel; and
  5. (5) In the case where the guest requests during their stay to extend accommodation beyond the date in subparagraph (2), it shall be regarded as an application for a new accommodation contract at the time that such a request is made and handled accordingly.

Accommodation Deposit

Article 3.

When the hotel accepts a guest’s application for accommodation, the guest may be requested to pay an accommodation deposit in the amount not exceeding the total accommodation fees for the period of their stay (up to three days when the period of stay exceeds three days) by the date specified by the hotel.

Refusal to Accept Accommodation

Article 4.

The hotel may refuse to accept a guest’s accommodation request in any of the following cases:

  1. (1) When the application for accommodation does not conform to the provisions of terms and conditions contained herein;
  2. (2) When the hotel is fully booked and there is no vacancy;
  3. (3) When the person seeking accommodation is deemed liable to conduct himself/herself in a manner that will violate laws or act against the public order or good morals in regard to his/her accommodation;
  4. (4) When the person seeking accommodation makes coercive or unreasonable demands, or demands that the hotel assume an unreasonable burden, or is identified as to have done such acts to the hotel or to its employees;
  5. (5) When the person seeking accommodation is a member of an organized crime group under the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members (issued on March 1, 1992), or a related party, or other anti-social elements;
  6. (6) When the person seeking accommodation can be clearly identified as carrying an infectious disease;
  7. (7) When the person seeking accommodation may cause annoyance to other guests for being intoxicated, etc., or is behaving in such a manner as to be an annoyance to other guests; or
  8. (8) When the hotel is unable to provide accommodation due to an act of God, malfunction of facilities, and/or other unavoidable reasons.

Cancelling the Reservation

Article 5.

  1. If the guest has cancelled the reservation in whole or in part, the guest shall pay a cancellation charge as prescribed in the schedule for cancellation charges.
  2. If the guest does not appear by 12:00 (midnight) on the accommodation date (or two hours after the expected time of arrival if the hotel is notified of such delay) without advance notice, the hotel may regard the reservation as being cancelled by the guest and handle the matter accordingly.
  3. Cancellation charges as prescribed in subparagraph (1) will not apply if the cause of the guest’s delay without advance notice pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph was due to the non-arrival or delay of train, airplane, or other public transportation, or for another reason not attributable to the guest that has been proved as such.

Article 6.

  1. Unless otherwise indicated, the hotel may cancel the reservation under any of the following circumstances:
    1. (1) If Subparagraphs 3 to 8 of Article 4 apply;
    2. (2) If the guest was requested to specify information as prescribed in Subparagraph 1 of Article 2 but did not respond to the request before the deadline; or
    3. (3) If the hotel has requested payment of the accommodation deposit as prescribed in Subparagraph 1 of Article 3 but the payment was not made before the deadline.
  2. If the hotel has cancelled the reservation in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, it will return any accommodation deposit received with regard to such reservation.

Registration of Accommodation

Article 7.

The guest is required to register the following particulars at the front desk of the hotel on the day of accommodation:

  1. (1) Particulars set forth in Subparagraph 1 of Article 2;
  2. (2) For foreign guests, their nationality, passport number, and port and date of entry into Japan;
  3. (3) Date and time of departure; and
  4. (4) Other particulars deemed necessary by the hotel.

Check–out Time

Article 8.

  1. Guests must be checked out of the guest room by 10:00 a.m.
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the hotel may permit the guest to occupy the guest room beyond the check–out time. In this case, extra charges shall apply (until noon: 20% of the room charge).

Payment of Accommodation Fees

Article 9.

  1. Payment of accommodation fees should be made by the guest at the front desk upon check–in, in cash or by voucher or a credit card accepted by the hotel.
  2. Accommodation fees shall be charged even if the guest voluntarily does not utilize the guest room immediately after occupying it.

Observance of Hotel Regulations

Article 10.

Guests shall observe the hotel regulations established by the hotel. Such regulations are posted within the premises of the hotel.

Forbidding the Stay

Article 11.

Even during the accommodation period once accepted, the hotel may forbid the guest from continuing their stay at the hotel under the following circumstances:

  1. (1) If Subparagraphs 3 to 8 of Article 4 apply; or
  2. (2) If the guest does not comply with the hotel regulations prescribed in the preceding Article.

Liabilities Pertaining to Accommodation

Article 12.

  1. Liabilities pertaining to accommodation of the hotel begin at whichever event occurs first, the time the guest has registered for their stay at the front desk of the hotel, or the time they have entered the guest room, and they end when the guest has left the room for final departure.
  2. The hotel shall, when unable to provide guest rooms for reasons attributable to the hotel, arrange accommodation of the same or similar conditions elsewhere unless such arrangement is considered impracticable due to an act of God or other reasons. In such a case, the guest shall not be required to pay accommodation fees starting from the day the guest room has become unavailable.

Schedule (Ref. Article 5) Cancellation Charge Provision

Date when cancellation of contract is notified
No noticeAccommodation day1 day prior to accommodation day10 days prior to accommodation day

(up to 9 guests)

(10 or more guests)
  1. (1) The percentage signifies the cancellation charge to the accommodation fee (including tax) of the first day of the stay.
  2. (2) When a reservation for a group (10 or more guests) is cancelled, the cancellation charge will not be applicable to 10% of the number of guests (fractions are rounded up) as at 10 days prior to the stay (if the reservation was made after this date, the number of guests as of the day the reservation was made will apply).

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